Solar Panels and Solar Inverters Cooperate to Provide Electricity

Solar Panels on the rooftop

Maybe you think solar panels are those that can generate electricity from sunlight, and the electricity will be directly used by a family. That’s not correct in fact. Indeed, solar panels are really the devices that turn sunlight into electricity, while the electricity generated by them cannot be directly used by a family. To use the current, the solar inverter or PV inverter will do the trick. But what’s the function or functions of these panels?

Solar panels consist of a lot of tiny solar cells which are well-connected with one another. It is the solar cells that generate electricity as soon as sunlight touches it. And then, this electricity’s voltage will be raised up to the level that a solar inverter can accept. Specifically, the electricity generated by these small cells is direct current or DC as its term. Coming next is the work that a solar inverter or PV inverter needs to do.

A solar inverter is a transformer that converts the direct current into alternating current which will be directly used by a family in the end. The solar inverter has many different types, and their main function is to convert direct current into alternating current.

When a home installs solar panels to generate power, the family host needs to decide how many panels should be installed for proper amount of electricity that will be generated enough for the family. On the inverter the electricity amount generated by these panels will also be displayed. And, the app that you will be allowed to download to your smart phone will help you monitor the amount your solar panels generate. Also, the brand, like the Omnik solar inverter, has a more wonderful function, which has a device inside it to monitor the functions of the inverter. Once malfunctions are found, signals will be sent back to the installer, who will repair it in time.


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