Services Needed for Photovoltaic Inverter Purchase

Our modern time has evolved very well, for at least products that are sold every day have warranties that ancient earth dwellers had never expected before. But since product service came into our time, businesspeople of various industries are showing their best products by their outstanding services, and they even compete about it. Buying a photovoltaic inverter (pv inverter), businesses are also competing on it. So, what services does a customer need when he or she buys the commodity? Let’s look the serves that you need below.

Pre- and after-sale services: Pre-sale service means the company that sells solar inverters can guarantee its products have high qualities, high efficiency and high technology. Also, if you contact it by all kinds of means for consultancy or other business, you will get very friendly responses. It means you will clearly understand what you wish to understand the details of the product. If possible, some companies may provide its potential customers with pamphlets or PDF versions of product instructions and guidelines, so that you can understand the product clearly before you really decide to buy it. After-sale is common, which guarantees discounts, warranties and other services that might help buyers with their products. For example, if you buy a pv inverter, a warranty of five years or more might be a good guarantee. This solves your problems when you find malfunctions of the inverter that is sold to you.

Software support: Anything today I think cannot be disconnected with software, and neither can the PV inverter be. Installing the inverter, you also need software assistance. Why? I don’t think you can climb onto your rooftop to see how much electricity the solar panels can generate, or if your inverter has been working fine. In this case software can help you. They can provide a mobile portal that monitors your solar inverter, and help you learn the exact figure you desperately want to know. You just need to install one onto your smart phone to monitor.

Warranty: Before you buy an inverter, you think about its quality and efficiency. When you have bought it, you might worry about how long the warranty the provider can offer to you. Without warranty, situations might be dangerous, especially for an important product. But how long does the warranty should last? No problem, it should be at least more than 2 years. In fact, some companies today can provide the warranty beyond 5 years. Do you think it is enough? I think it is good, but some products’ warranties can be expanded to 25 years. It is nearly like lifetime insurance. So, why not have a look at such a product?

Global service: We all know that brands that sell solar inverters are numerous across the world, while we may find that not many of them can provide service in different parts of the globe. In fact, many businesses can only provide services around town or the city. Most of them are good at selling commodities online and use their inter-continental accounts to receive your money, while not many of them have offices overseas serving their customers. So, when you buy some brand, you need to check if such offices are available in your living zone. Having offices doesn’t guarantee you receive the best service, while without them, you will always feel troubled when you really need help.

Online service: Nowadays if you are not online, you are disconnected or even invisible to the world. Therefore, online service for a solar inverter should be needy. No matter which type of inverter you buy, you will need relevant services. If there are some subsidiaries of the company are around you, you don’t have to worry about anything or something. Just head for the office and ask! But if not, you will need help, and the online service will be extremely important. But when you buy the solar power inverter, you need to notice how good the online service is. If it is good enough, you can extend your hand to that certain product; if not, please rethink and maybe you should make another choice.


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