Omnik Solar Inverter Coupons at Solar Energy UK 2014

Omnik is a new energy developing joint venture, specializing in R&D and manufacturing and marketing of photovoltaic (PV) inverters, based in Suzhou, China. From Oct. 14 to 16, the Solar Energy was held in the UK. This was spectacular event, and so Omnik also appeared at the business exhibition event. The solar inverter company was also one of the event sponsors, and at the meeting it gave away large numbers of coupons to customers. This shows that Omnik will strengthen its energy in developing the UK market.

The Solar Energy UK 2014 was held in Birmingham, and it also meets the top level of solar inverter shows in the country. Omnik, being a new energy company focusing making solar power inverters, participated in the event the third time. And it was in a benign cooperation relationship with the event organizer. At the meeting this solar energy company gave out 150GBP worth of coupons to MCS installers. By doing so, the company wanted to show its generosity and appreciation of the customers.

Omnik is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of photovoltaic (PV) inverters, and so its inverters are many types, for the sake of meeting different demands of potential customers. Its solar inverters range from single phase inverters to three phase inverters, to hybrid inverters, and to micro inverters. Besides these products, the company also features other products including solar systems, monitoring devices, software, and accessories. With such a number of products, Omnik has made a great contribution to the environment. And its achievements are big.

Although the new energy company was not the first one to start the business, its potential is promising. In the UK, the company has already installed 500,000 rooftop solar systems, and this figure is expected to rise to 1,000,000 in 2015. This is a great achievement, while Omnik is expanding its business in other countries outside China, such as Germany and Australia. In Germany Omnik has its service office, and it is now launching its new website with the “au” in its domain name that will serve Australia in the future.

In addition, Omnik also bears social responsibilities. Solar energy itself is an environment friendly contribution. At the same time the company has held some activities that benefit the environment protection. The pv inverter company’s ultimate aim is to provide all its customers with reliable and tailored services. This is the requirement of our modern society, and this way will also give hope the fragile environment.


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