Write an Article for Your New Product

What is your newly launched product? Never hesitate! Write an article to introduce it, and exhibit this article to your potential customers on the social media.

Since your company has launched a new product, you need to market it online and offline. But according to today’s trend, marketing it online should be something worth your money and energy. Effective methods for marketing are numerous, and writing an article for your certain product is the first step to take. But what tips do you need to take notice of when you compose such an article? No more useless extra words, just look at the paragraphs that follow.

1. What is your product?
If you have determined to write an article introducing your product, you should first let your readers know it is in concise words. This means use the simplest words to describe the most effective information that attracts your readers. For example, if I write an article introducing a solar inverter, I will write like this: The solar inverter is made by the world class technologies, and has the maximum conversion efficiency that can reach up to 97.5% to cooperatively work with the solar panels. High technology and efficiency are the two most concerned elements for a buyer. So, I stress the two points. For you, you need to the similar thing to highlight the features of your product.

2. What are the features of your product?
What is the meaning of a feature? A feature is the shining point of one stuff, and so you have to try your best to find out the shining points of your product and use the most attractive words to describe such features. The only principle is you cannot amplify the features of your certain product. According to my experience, once the new product is launched, features of the product will be surely listed. What you need to do is pick some of them up and tell your readers what exactly they are, for some of the features may not be that clear for a person who is only a new customer. If possible, explain what benefits they can benefit potential customers.

3. Do you have proper links for your product?
No matter whether you write an article for a certain page on your website or in a guest blog, you need links to let your potential customers visit the page that you want them to land. If you have already done this like me, that’s excellent; if not yet, you need to embed links to your target keywords and link to another landing page. Links mean your product is connected with one another. Without links, your product is disconnected. I write articles for solar inverter and solar inverters manufacturers, and so the two words will be my words that are used to embed links.

4. Do you have an attractive page view experience for your readers?
Page view experience is another important point for a reader. At least, you need to ask yourself if your page is attractive to yourself. Then, you had better proof-read other writers’ pages, where you must learn some useful tips to building your page experience. Also, this experience can be based on friendly-looking fonts. In this respect you may decide what font you need to adopt for your whole article. For my solar inverter articles, I prefer to use Times News Roman; while sometimes this font doesn’t coordinate with the whole picture. But if I use the default font, it will be much better. In this case I give up my favorite and choose the one that suits.

5. Have you tried to write an article for a press medium?
This seems to be daunting, while it is effective. A press medium must have a large number of followers. If your article can be punished on such a platform, it will certainly draw so much traffic as well as potential customers to your site through the links that you picked. This needs non-stop practice, and many online writers or bloggers may flinch about it. But since this is something that is still meaningful, it is great for you to try it when you think you have spare time. But whether you do it or not, never forget to exhibit your product on the social media for exposure. I am going to do this for my solar inverter products, for I want more high quality traffic and more potential customers.


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