The World Class Professional Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Omnik New Energy Company

Who is the professional solar inverter manufacturer in the world? No doubt, there are a number of answers, other than one. But one professional solar inverters manufacturers I know today is the one from Suzhou, China. Its name is Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd., and it is Omnik for short. But why do I think this name serves it right? No doubt, there are some reasons to address in this article.

Professionals and experts work for it. The company is a Suzhou-based joint venture, with offices located in different parts of the world. It is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing photovoltaic (PV) inverters or solar inverters. So far, it has established the first class R&D and test centers, and management and R&D teams where PhD and master degree holders work for it. Besides, the renewable energy company also has a long term cooperation with the world class academics to do researches and design new products.

Different types of high-tech products. To be honest, Suzhou is not a place where sophisticated technologies can be created, used and expanded, while the company applies the German technology and has domesticated it in Suzhou to manufacture solar inverters. In this respect, it can produce high-tech inverters, and at the same time it can also lower the price that each product requires. At present, its pv inverter products have been exported to many countries, such as Germany, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain and others.

Dynamic enterprise culture. Working in the company is comfortable and free, and different staffs from different departments can cooperate with one another intimately. No boring rules are felt inside it, while its product quality control is under serious standards. Each solar inverter from R&D to package follows a scientific and strict quality control procedure. Its quality certification is ISO 9001:2008 SGS Production & Design.

Outstanding services. As long as a customer buys the Omnik solar inverter, the person can enjoy its high quality services, which include pre- and after sale services, software support, product warranty, FAQ & support, worldwide service and online customer service. This series of services not only guarantees the brand’s inverters enjoy high quality, but also shows its friendly and comfortable care to its customers.


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