What Is the Solar Inverter Wi-Fi Kit?

Solar Inverter Wi-Fi kit

A solar inverter is a device specially designed for a solar system which generates electricity from sunlight. It functions to convert direct current into alternating current which a family uses. This is an assistant of the solar panels, while what does the solar inverter Wi-Fi kit do?

The special kit was invented by the Omnik brand, and it is an external communication monitoring device which allows the user to monitor whether its solar inverter has been working well or not. But how does this kit do this fascinating job? For this question, I have an explanation. First, there is an interface inside this kit, and it is the interface that connects the pv inverter. Then, the kit can receive information and the stream of the inverter, and transfer such information to the web server. Users can monitor the device runtime status by checking the 4 LEDs on the panel which indicates power, RS485, link and status.

With this kit, users will be able to monitor the solar system all the time. If malfunctions happen unexpectedly, signals will be sent out to the installer, who will send their experts to repair in time. But in fact, the kit has very good quality and will seldom get repaired. No worry about this. This is an assistant for the whole solar system, not a drag of it.


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