What Can One Micro Inverter Do for the PV system?

Micro INverter
Micro INverter

A mircro inverter is to directly integrate an inverter and a single PV pack, which will equip each PV pack with an inverter module which has alternating and direct functions and MTTP. The device will directly convert the electricity from the PV pack into alternating current, which is used for a family or for transmission.

When one part of the solar panels cannot work well, this part will all be affected. Other PV panels will work in the best condition, which makes the entire system work much better and generate more electricity. In practice, if the string type inverter meets malfunctions, the solar panels over 1000 KW will not work well. But if the mircro inverter is installed, the malfunctions occur at the moment will be reduced a lot.

In each micro inverter, you will find some shiny advantages as shown below.

Firstly, the inverter can improve the amount of electricity for the power source and track the biggest power. By using this function, the PV system’s electricity generation can be improved by 25%.

Secondly, the mircro inverter can help adjust the voltage and current of each array until the whole system reaches the balance, in case of losing balance.

Thirdly, each part of it has the monitoring function, which lowers the maintenance cost of the entire system, and makes operation more stable.

Fourthly, its configuration is flexible. If this pv inverter is installed at home, the number of the solar panel installation should be in accordance with the financial condition of the user.

Fifthly, this inverter doesn’t have high voltage and it is safer and easier to install. With its lower maintenance cost, the user will never have to depend so much on the installer. Therefore, the user will become more independent in generating electricity.

Sixthly, its cost appears lower than those of other types of solar inverters.


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