Can China’s New Energy Ambition Become Reality?

New Energy
New Energy

China has set up a goal of quadrupling its renewable energy by 2030. No wonder, this is an ambition that it is difficult to achieve for China, a country which has been known as the largest coal producer and user in the world. The problems that follow are its CO₂emission and other forms of greenhouse gases. So, can China really realize its dream of quadrupling renewable energy by 2030? Yes, we have need to have a discussion about this issue.

To achieve this ambition, China has said its will install relevant policies and regulations. On June 13, China’s president Xi Jinping said his administration was working out new guidelines to change its energy production and consumption. At the same time he also stressed that the government would revise the country’s out-of-date regulations made for energy. In addition, the president also called to cooperate more with Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa on oil and gas projects. On May 21, China and Russia signed a natural gas supply agreement of 40 billion dollars. On Nov. 9, the second round of natural gas agree framework was signed.

The evidence shown here suggests that China is making efforts in policy and practice to transform its energy consumption. This means applying renewable energy has been practiced by the world’s second-largest economy entity. This shows that to make a better and cleaner future can be expected, for the world’s largest populated country has swerved its steer to the green direction. Although this is a benign phenomenon, the miserable fact still exists. By the end of 2013, China’s renewable energy (water, solar and wind) accounted for 30% of its total capacity. Compared with this figure, its biofuels accounted for 69% of its total capacity.

So far China is still the largest carbon dioxide emission country. Based on this serious problem, many China’s major cities have been overwhelmed by haze and smog, which have already caused public health warnings. Therefore, China’s move toward renewable energy must be concrete and urgent.

According to the report of Global Research, China’s established renewable energy system is now the largest across the world. This also proves that the country is moving toward the direction that may change its own climate and terrible weather, and will probably make a great contribution to the world. Under the call of the president and his policies and regulations, China has so far begun a revolution of green energy, and more and more green energy enterprises have appeared and begun making efforts to boost this move. But whether the country will meet its target by 2030, this is still a question for us to wait and see.


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