Solar Power Revolution in India to Be Successful?

Gujara solar power station

As climate change and environmental issues become more and more serious, a solar power revolution is beginning to reshape the world. The UK, the Netherlands and the US have become the giants in this new industry, but how about India, a country that doesn’t seem to be so modern?

The Guardian reports that India’s current prime minister Narendra Modi has an ambitious plan of installing PV power systems in the country. Its current power minister thinks it is not a difficult task to add 10,000MW of solar power a year. This is a large number. For India, can this goal be realized as the minister has publicly said?

The fact is that India today is home to the biggest solar farm in Gujarat in Asia. India’s current renewable energy power capacity is 31,692.14MW, and its solar power capacity is 2,900MW. By this comparison, you must learn how much solar power’s role is in the country and how the country treats PV solar power. In addition, under the supportive solar power installation advocacy from its leaders, solar power begins booming in this developing country.

Besides, the government’s energy policies have also changed somewhat. Mercom Capital Group’s CEO Raj Prabhu says India has changed its policy about coal and ended its anti-dumping policy. According to him, the supreme court has suspended the coal-exploiting license, and more coal needs importing, which makes its cost much higher than ever. At the same time India’s power supply is not enough to sustain the whole nation’s power consumption. Under these beneficial conditions, India’s solar power seems to have a prosperous future.

However, there are still some unpleasant reports. For example, the World Bank’s index reports that India’s economy rank has fallen from 131 to 142. The other true fact is that India’s 80% of crude oil still depends on import. The two things cannot abruptly announce that India’s solar power plan will be affected, while it is possible that this ambition will be influenced.


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