Why Go Solar?

Solar Panel Home
Solar Panel Home

Why do we need to turn to solar energy for generating electricity? Indeed, there are various reasons to discuss. In this article I will show you some of the most important reasons why we should go solar today.

Free resource
Solar electricity comes from sunlight, which has worked for over 1 billion years and is still young and energetic. It can provide us with a rich resource. More importantly, sunlight is clean, and the solar PV system which converts it into electricity doesn’t produce waste during the process as other power generation forms do.

Money saving
Money saving can be divided into two sections: reducing family cost and social burden. For a family, installing such a power plant needs money as invest. In the beginning it is a little bit much, while this invest will help you save the money that you usually pay for the utility grid. On the other hand, as public electricity price rises, your family will have to pay the electricity bill more than ever before. This might not be a great deal for rich family, while it must be a nuisance.

Less noise
Factories often have noise when their machines begin to work. For a solar power plant, it doesn’t have to produce any noise because its machines are those solar panels which stand quiet all the time in the sun. For a residential PV system, the owner doesn’t even need to think about it. Solar panels are on the rooftop and where does the noise come from? The only noise should come from the solor pv inverter is just the very low sound when the inverter works.

Beneficial for remote areas
Many families are still located in remote areas where utility grid cannot reach or is too expensive to reach. For this concern, solar power plants can help do this business. Or if you are not willing to share solar electricity with other families in these areas and have a certain financial support, you may choose the independent residential power generation system.

Tech improvement prospect
Solar electricity is powered by high technology. Today’s highest sunlight conversion rate can reach up to 40%. As technology improves, higher conversion rate can be expected and more sunlight electricity is possible too. In this case more electricity can be harvested and less money will be spent on it.

Easy to install at home
As solar power technology improves, homes can generate electricity themselves too. To install this tiny power station at home is not a complicated business. Install a few solar panels on the rooftop, use some wires to connect, install a storage device (only for the independent PV system), install a PV inverter inside your house or outside it. Everything is done unless you need another meter to record your electricity generation amount. Some companies even provide software and apps to monitor the whole system, and so you can use you smart mobile phone to do the monitoring job. It is suggested that you install the PV inverter inside your garage, utility or loft (if your family has one).

Environment friendly
Our air quality now is not as standard as before, and the low quality will surely threaten our heath and can cause respiratory disease. Also, global warming is turning over the balance of the world’s climate, and the most serious culprit that causes it is greenhouse gasses which are produced by so many oil, gas and geothermal and other energy companies. So, it is necessary and urgent to protect our fragile environment by going solar. It is complete air pollution free.

Water saving
The world is facing water shortage, while many industries including gas, oil, coal and nuclear are still using so much water for cooling. This consumes large gallons of water. If more and more families can use solar electricity or build their own solar power systems, much more water for cooling will be saved for sure. This seems too big, while when you face water shortages, you will realize “how important water is for me.”

More jobs to be created
Many countries face serious unemployment including France, Spain and US. If more jobs can be created during this process, this will be a great achievement. But how? The fact is the solar energy industry is a labor intensive industry not like oil or other businesses (they are much more capital intensive). When more people go solar, more jobs will surely be created. This is its great trick!

However, apart from these advantages mentioned above, there are still other reasons for going solar. Meanwhile, we cannot ignore that solar energy can help generate electricity only in daytime, and it cannot generate as much electricity as it can in sunny days. Thus, when we choose it, we still need to consider specific conditions for specific areas and other related conditions. But going solar for us is a trend and will expand for sure.


4 thoughts on “Why Go Solar?

  1. Apparently it would only take 1% of Britain’s landmass to be covered in solar panels to provide ALL of our energy needs. That could easily be found on rooftops nationwide. Although i don’t think 100% dependence on one method of energy generation is the answer, (we should have a mixture of wind, solar, tidal and geothermal) its an interesting concept that illustrates the true potential of renewable energy.

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    1. You’are right, and we need multiple ways to run our global business in energy use. I know only solar energy cannot do the work, while since it can enter a family to generate power, that’s the difference we have made. Yes, renewable energy is indeed potential for us all.

      Liked by 2 people

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