Key factors to consider before buying a PV inverter

A PV inverter is an essential part of a solar power system, and it is always sold along with the system. So you don’t have to worry about only buying one inverter, and how to make your decision before you buy it. But sometimes we need to buy them without the system attached. Based on this concern, you need to consider some factors that are key to the products themselves. Now let’s check them out.

Generally speaking, there are two types of inverters: grid-tied and off-grid inverters. If you have a grid-tied system, you need to buy grid-tied inverter; and if your system is stand-alone, you should buy an off-grid inverter. Also inverters can also be divided into commercial and residential inverters. They have different voltages and power ranges.

Efficiency is the core element that measures whether the device you choose is good or not, because it affects how much alternating current your system or power plant can convert. If your inverter has the efficiency of 96%, you will harvest more alternating current than those who only have inverters and their efficiency is only 92%. For a family, it is power loss; and for a power plant, it is money loss, large sums of money loss! In fact, the most efficient solar power inverter is 98.5%, and most commonly-used inverter efficiency is usually 98%, 97% or 96.5% (probably micro inverters).

3.High quality
In common conditions poor quality PV inverters often have bad circuitry, poor quality seals, noise while working and so on. These conditions can affect the product’s total converting efficiency, your daily life (loud humming noise can make you crazy) and the product’s lifespan. Off-grid inverters are often somewhat waterproof (such as in the rain) and are installed outside the house. If the quality is problematic, the solar inverter will not work well.

4.Input DC range
The electricity generated by solar panels is direct current or DC, which will be transmitted to the solar inverter. But the DC has a range. If it is more than what the inverter can bear, some amount of DC will be lost.

5.Maximum AC output
By learning the maximum AC output, you can reckon how many appliances your family should have. If you want to buy more appliances, you can install more panels and buy a larger inverter for this conversion. For a solar PV power plant, this also counts.

6.Brand Influence
What’s the influence of a brand name? It has two meanings at least. One is that it can somewhat guarantee high quality and high efficiency products. For example, Sunny Boy is a famous brand. Indeed their efficiency is excellent. Their highest efficiency can reach up to 98.5%. The other is that its credit is highly-approved. A big brand name don’t often cheat its customers, because if they do so, they will lose customers and followers. Certainly the two things are absolutely correct, for sometimes big names can also mean poor quality products. At least, not all of its products are excellent.

I believe this is the mostly concerned factor for each buyer. Anyone wants to buy cheap price products, but they also care about product qualities. There is no exception to buy a PV inverter. Cheap prices products are not always problematic, while many cheap price products are indeed problematic. Before you buy, you had better consult with some who have already bought these products or installed a solar system at home if you buy residential inverters. If you buy commercially-used products, you need to consult with those power plants owners who have installed these products. Surely, checking retail and wholesale prices online and offline is also very necessary.

8. Customization
Google is a company that allows users to customize their browsers and search engine results, and so it is loved by users. The key point is that people love to control things, especially those that are important to them. Based on this concept, some inverter designers have also allowed users to customize their inverters. In fact, this is not only a matter of control but also a matter of usefulness. If an inverter can be customized, users will have more favorable and suitable products. This counts a lot!

In addition to these concerns, you may also need to concern about many other factors. But with these factors concerned, you can surely buy high quality and highly efficient PV inverters.


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