Solar drones bring a new phase of utilizing solar energy

Facebook solarplane
Facebook solarplane

Solar Impulse 2 is still flying on its mission around the world. This is a typical example for taking advantage of solar energy other than utilizing it to generate power and heat water. Drones are also one of the greatest inventions of mankind, and so far they have been combined with solar power. A new creation comes: solar drone.

Social media giant Facebook hopes to bring the internet infrastructure to the world and has started a solar drone project. It is reported that a prototype of this drone (Aquila) has already been tested somewhere of the UK.

Together with Facebook, the biggest search engine company Google acquired a U.S. unmanned-aircraft solar developer Titan Aerospace in April 2014. This suggests the search engine also hopes to develop business in the solar drone field.

Why are they now turning to solar energy? They haven’t officially released any good reason for this yet, but this is a tendency for solar energy development. The current reality is energy shortage is threatening us, air pollution is protruding mainly because people have burned large amounts of biofuels, and solar energy is free, clean and usable now.

As these projects take into effect, more global citizens will see what solar energy really is and will probably turn to solar. In fact, its effects have been proven by solar power plants, home solar PV systems, solar water heaters and so on.

Apart from all these reasons, solar energy has also been proven successful in power generation. Previously people thought it was too expensive for them to turn to solar power, while today the situation has completely changed, for its power price is even cheaper than that generated by biofuels.

Coming back to solar drones, we find they are seemingly suggesting something to us. Protecting the environment will continue, cheaper power prices are in high demand, and innovative ways for the further development of our world are extremely necessary. Thus, solar drones will become new leading devices that can transform our world, and be able to encourage more people to go solar and reduce air pollution.


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