Small and Light Three Phase String Inverters Appear at Shanghai Expo

omnik solar inverter
Omnik solar inverter

The SNEC PV Power Expo was held from April 28 to 30 in Shanghai, China Thousands of PV industry companies with their own solar products attended the expo. Omnik New Energy from Suzhou, Jiangsu province also appeared at the expo and exhibited its small and light three phase string inverters there for three days.

Omnik is famous for string inverter manufacturing, and so it brought its high efficiency three phase string inverters and and single string phase inverters to the expo, which drew so much attention of the expo visitors. During the three days my colleagues and many customers from home and abroad discussed issues relating to inverters many times, and one customer from India even visited our booth several times to seek a cooperation opportunity.

The inverters brought to the expo were about 10 or so, and the most attractive ones were two: Omniksol-1K/1.5K-M and Omniksol-10K-TL2. The first one is a single phase inverter, while the second one is a three phase inverter. They don’t look special, but they have their special features that are attractive to customers.

Omniksol-1K/1.5K-M is a newly-launched product by the company in 2015. It weighs 5 kg and doesn’t need any transformers as many other inverters need. The highest efficiency of it can even reach up to 95.5% and its MPP tracking accuracy can be as high as 99.9%.

Omniksol-10k-TL2 is also a new product released by the company. This three phase string inverter weighs 22 kg, which is easier to install and transport and can help save cost.

During the three days Omnik also held a product conference to show the two products to customers who came to the expo to collection information and see new PV products. After the three day expo, Omnik’s staff have already established new relations with more customers from home and abroad.


Chinese New Energy Company Releases New Solar Inverters for Distributed PV Power

Omnik New Energy
Omnik New Energy

Omnik New Energy (Omnik for short), a Chinese-German joint venture has released a new series of solar inverters. Its new products include single phase, three phase and hybrid inverters. By launching these new products, the solar energy company aims to help develop the distributed solar PV (photovoltaic) industry which is expanding across the globe.

These newly-launched products have capacities ranging from 1 kW to 20 kW, and their difference from traditional inverters is that they don’t need transformers except for one single phase inverter specially made for Japanese users. These products are specially designed and manufactured for residential and commercial solar PV systems which are known as distributed PV power systems.

Aiming to expand its UK solar market, the solar energy company also participated in the Ecobuild 2015 exhibition held in London from March 3 to 5, 2015. During the three days in London, the general manager of Omnik Franz Zhao appeared and communicated with those who visited its booth for relevant information consultation. At the exhibition Omniksol-2k-TL2, Omniksol-3k-TL2-S, Omniksol-1k-M and other newly-launched inverters were displayed.

Headquartered in Suzhou, China, Omnik is an innovative high technology solar company, specializing in R&D and manufacturing and marketing PV inverters, with offices in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia. Outside China Omnik mainly focuses on selling inverters, while in China the company sells inverters and builds distributed solar PV systems for local customers.

Contact the company
Address: bioBAY Park A4-414, XingHu St. No.218, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Postal code: 215123
Tel: +86-512-6956-8216
Fax: +86-512-6295-6682

The Solar Inverters of Omnik New Energy

Omnik is a Suzhou-based company specializing in manufacturing solar inverters which include single phase, three phase, hybrid and micro inverters. Besides, the new energy company also produces monitoring devices, solar software and solar accessories. In Suzhou, China it is also able to install solar PV systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Single Phase Inverters
Omnik’s single phase inverters are highly efficient with their highest conversion efficiency reaching up to 97.8% and their highest MPPT efficiency reaching up to 99.9%. Their AC power ranges are from 1 kW to 5 kW. The outstanding feature of these products is all these inverters are transformerless. In addition, among them is one series designed mainly for the Japanese market.

Three Phase Inverters
These three phase inverters are mainly designed and produced for residential and large-scale commercial solar power plants. Their highest efficiency can reach up to 98.2% and their highest MPPT rate can reach up to 99.9%. Apart from these two features, these solar products are equipped with the IP65 technology which is water- and dust-proof. Also, the built-in Wi-Fi technology is also available.

Hybrid Inverters
These hybrid solar inverters combine the features of single phase and three phase inverters. The amazing feature of them lie in that they can be used in a grid-tied or an off-grid solar PV system with their highest conversion efficiency being 98.3%. Their AC power ranges are from 3 kW to 5 kW. Each device is designed with the IP21 technology and is suitable for any kind of installation at home.

Micro inverters
Omnik’s micro solar inverters are specially made for home solar power systems. They have transformers and their AC power ranges are from 300W to 600W. Their highest efficiency is 96.5%. They are designed with the AC/DC high frequency isolation technology. At most, 15 of them can be connected in a parallel format to convert DC.

Its monitoring devices are used to monitor its inverters, and Wifi-Kit, GPRS-Kit and PMB are its three monitoring products. Its software products include solar design software and design PV mobile apps. By using some of the software, you will be able to view the electricity statistics of your solar power system with your smart phone or iPad. Its accessories include weather station, PV model and battery.